Trails and Maps

Are you looking for a place with lots of shade to take a nature walk? We got you! Not only are we an all-natural green cemetery we are also a nature presereve. The Oxford dictionary defines a nature preserve as “a tract of land managed so as to preserve its flora, fauna, and physical features.” That is what we are dedicated here to do!

With multiple walking/running/biking trails to offer, Glendale Nature Preserve will allow you to see and hear the natural sounds and sights of Northern Florida. From hawks, owls, and squirrels to long leaf pine, coral honeysuckle, and even a few carnivorous plants!!

Bring the family, a walking stick, and the camera!

P.S.!!!!!! As we are dedicated to preserving ALL of Florida’s natural flora and fauna, this also includes NOPE ROPES!! So please be mindfull of where you are stepping while visiting the preserve. These beautiful “rodent disposal units” are a very important part of our eco-system and food chain. If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone!!